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Chubby Chasers…Fetish or Feel Good?

17 Jan


I recently watched a show on a very popular network about Chubby Chasers.  I know that people like all different shapes and sizes and being a self proclaimed Chubby Chaser is your choice but I would not find that endearing or sweet.  It just seemed like these people were trying to make their insecurity issues better with this proclamation.  People of all shapes and sizes accept themselves and others for who and what they are but this seemed like insecure people feeding themselves to feel better.  Everyone laughs when they watch the show but is it really healthy for either person or is it really a defined fetish?


Giving Back Self Esteem

30 Dec


I am setting up some drop off points for items…So stay tuned for that.   But I can pick up items as well and give a tax receipt so that items can be itemized and valued at your discretion.  It may seem crazy but I really do believe that this project can give young ladies self-esteem and self worth…some by getting a special item and some by giving items to the project.  There are many…more than you think…you cannot afford THAT pair of jeans or THAT shirt just in hopes of trying to fit in and feel important.  With everyone’s help we can give THAT to others!  You can email me annelisemford@gmail.com with questions or more information.

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