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The Least You Can Do…..

17 Mar

Every person reading this knows someone who is deployed in Iraq.  If you do not directly know someone then ask around…trust me there are more people right in your neighborhood that are working for our country than you might think.  Whether you personally approve of where or what DOES NOT MATTER!  What matters is that those people joined the branches of the military for OUR COUNTRY!  Load up a care package box!  Toiletries ( Q-TIPS, baby wipes, toothbrushes, sunscreen, lotion) , snacks (hard candy, gum, fruit snacks, juice boxes, Oreos), magazines, puzzle books,  Nerf , battery operated fans that mist water…Pretty much the comforts of home, sans the chocolate as it will probably get melty!  Load it in a box and send it out!  It is really the least anyone can do and this is a great thing to do with kids!  Explain where this is going and let them pick out the fun stuff!  I sent out 2 packages this week for a young lady age 21 and a young man of only 19 whose parents are members of our church and school.  I almost cry at the thought of how young they are and I know that I would never have made it at that age.  This is a great way to give back…after all I know you can spare 10 minutes to put a box together…during the commercial of Jersey Shore!  

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