The Least You Can Do…..

17 Mar

Every person reading this knows someone who is deployed in Iraq.  If you do not directly know someone then ask around…trust me there are more people right in your neighborhood that are working for our country than you might think.  Whether you personally approve of where or what DOES NOT MATTER!  What matters is that those people joined the branches of the military for OUR COUNTRY!  Load up a care package box!  Toiletries ( Q-TIPS, baby wipes, toothbrushes, sunscreen, lotion) , snacks (hard candy, gum, fruit snacks, juice boxes, Oreos), magazines, puzzle books,  Nerf , battery operated fans that mist water…Pretty much the comforts of home, sans the chocolate as it will probably get melty!  Load it in a box and send it out!  It is really the least anyone can do and this is a great thing to do with kids!  Explain where this is going and let them pick out the fun stuff!  I sent out 2 packages this week for a young lady age 21 and a young man of only 19 whose parents are members of our church and school.  I almost cry at the thought of how young they are and I know that I would never have made it at that age.  This is a great way to give back…after all I know you can spare 10 minutes to put a box together…during the commercial of Jersey Shore!  


Snack Day

15 Mar

All I hear these days is….It is your snack day for just about everything.  Last week alone I had to provide 6 dozen cookies, 2 2-Liters of soda, and snacks for 2 classes for movie day!  Maybe I was completely oblivious when I was little but I am just about positive that my parents provided snack for just about NOTHING!   If I am not bringing snacks for the hockey teams, class rooms, or some kind of NEW HOLIDAY then I am buying food at every snack bar we pass on the planet.  My youngest son has been known on many early mornings at the hockey rink to order himself a belly buster serving of SNOT & CHIPS (most of you know this as nachos).  At this point, I literally almost gag at that congealed cheese slowing sliding down day old chips…but the kids inhale them!  Of course they also have eaten plenty of any kind of gross body parts on a bun (also known as the HOT DOG).  Just add ketchup and stuff in mouth!  I have literally spent a small fortune!  A few times for the younger kids I have tried to send something kind of good like Cheese Its…all of a sudden you are like the uncool, alien mom who tried to poison everyone.  And those of you who have tried veggies as a snack…I am even laughing at you!  Maybe I should read Jessica Seinfeld’s cookbook…apparently she is a genius of “slipping” healthy items into almost anything!  She clearly lives on planet BULLSHIT!


Giving It Up For Lent

8 Mar

I am always amazed at this time of year.  Giving up your absolute favorite thing for 40 days is really asking a lot.  One of my girlfriends had a great idea!  Giving up the thing most of us love the most… giving up the hubby and kids!  The only problem there is finding someone to make sure that they survive!   If you chose alcohol then you risk sanity and ruin St. Patrick’s Day.  If you chose coffee you again risk sanity and in some cases the lives others.  If you chose chocolate you really risk sanity and should probably make sure your husband has life insurance.  It is a tough choice!  Good luck to everyone on this endeavor and this time of quiet reflection.  May you exchange one vice for another.

You Had Me Going There…That Is Not What An Iron Is Really For!?

10 Feb

Not a big fan of ironing is an UNDERSTATEMENT!  DO NOT iron is more like it kitty kat!  The dryer is for getting wrinkles out!  Through it in there and presto, chango….I am calling it good!  Also, that place called the dry cleaner does a wonderful at pressing items too…they are like wrinkle magicians!  I do own an iron…BUT I use it for melty beads, wax paper and crayons, more like the creative, craft, assistant.  I actually bought some Egyptian Cotton Sheets…1200 thread count…BIG MISTAKE!  I will not iron them and they are always in a hot wrinkled mess…Don’t laugh, but I have let my 10-year-old son iron them..What?  He thought it was fun!  My neighbor, GOD LOVE HER, irons everything!  Every sheet, pillow case, and sometimes towels…I have assured her that if she is ever bored I will gladly toss some laundry over the fence!  Just washing and drying would be almost a miracle, she would not even have to iron !  For those of you who iron everything inside and out of your home…PLEASE ,PLEASE get a hobby, and ironing is NOT a hobby!  So, now there is no reason to question my families wrinkles…I am doing this for the sake of our planet!  Peace, Love, And An End To Ironing!

Forget Counting The Sheep…I Am Going To Just Start Shooting Them!

10 Feb

Bring It On!!!  What is with the not sleeping thing?  I am so tired so early and then about 1 am or so wide awake even though my body is waiting for more sleep.  I for sure have trouble turning off my brain…it’s always groceries, laundry, hockey, school, whatever fumbling around in all of that hot air!  If I try to take something I am like a ZOMBIE for the next 2 days!  What ever happened to the person who could fall asleep forever pretty much anywhere?  And how come guys can just turn the switch and be dead to the world?  And let me assure everyone, especially you gents out there, that a crabby wife with like no sleep in NOT a sexual goddess…EVER!!!  WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?  It is all of these little things that drive us to HEAVY ON THE MARY please..although that still does not remedy the late night owl syndrome!

Easy Ring Project…Fun For Girls!

10 Feb

A friend of mine asked for help with a cute project for the Girl Scout Fair that has each troop pick a country.  She chose Korea as her husband and his family are Korean.  So…I found a webite that translated English into Korean and made these cute rings.  Amazing what you can do with some glass stones, paper, Mod Podge, and some flat ring bases!  Now, hopefully I can score some of the yummy food they are making!  PS…I made a couple of these for hockey play off weekend with the hockey team logo…they are cute especially those of us who are hockey obsessed!

Playing in The Snow…More Fun Than I Thought!

8 Feb

The boys literally dragged me out in the snow to play on Sunday!  To my surprise I had a ball!  I made my own SNOW CHICA with hydrangea hair and ran around for almost an hour!  Needless to say I decided to come in to start cooking dinner and in typical brother fashion the fighting began…will I be a referee forever?

Lou Gehrig Was The Best Baseball Player Ever…BUT Lou Gehrig’s Disease Sucks!

7 Feb

ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is an incurable fatal neuromuscular disease characterized by progressive muscle weakness, resulting in paralysis. The disease attacks nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. Motor neurons, which control the movement of voluntary muscles, deteriorate and eventually die. When the motor neurons die, the brain can no longer initiate and control muscle movement. Because muscles no longer receive the messages they need in order to function, they gradually weaken and deteriorate.

The initial signs of ALS may vary. Symptoms include stiffness and increasing muscle weakness, especially involving the hands and feet. The disease eventually affects speech, swallowing and breathing. Because ALS only attacks motor neurons that control the body’s voluntary muscles, patients’ minds and senses are not impaired.

Approximately 14 cases of ALS are diagnosed each day nationwide. Most of those who develop the disease are between 40 and 70 years of age. The average expected survival time for those suffering from ALS is three to five years. At any given time, approximately 30,000 people in the United States are living with the disease.

The 2011 Blizzard…BLOODY LONG DAY!

3 Feb

Snow days are always an exciting prospect!  Yesterday was no exception!  We started out the day with a huge breakfast of homemade french toast…which by the way uses over a half loaf of bread!  YUMMY!  With full tummies they bundled up and headed outside…by noon I had a slap shot through the garage window, water puddles pretty much everywhere, 4 or 5 pairs of wet socks, at least one change of clothes, and wet, snowy clothes everywhere!  So I gathered the troops for lunch!  The consensus was for grilled cheese…another yummy AND the rest of the loaf of bread with a half-gallon of milk!  By this time my oldest has a friend over running around outside, shooting hockey pucks, making snowballs, and trying to climb on the roof!  The other 2 wanted to play the XBOX which is always fun as all they do is fight over who gets to do what….By this time I am hearing voices in my head directing me to make a BLOODY MARY STAT….HEAVY ON THE MARY!  Snack time…everyone raids the kitchen…cereal, cookies, chips, rest of the gallon of milk, 6 or so juice boxes…FEEDING FRENZY!  All of my food is disappearing fast and I am feeling the hoarding instinct kicking in…there is nothing worse than grocery shopping..STOP EATING QUICK!  I have gone to great lengths to avoid grocery shopping and if it means hiding the food so be it!  Nobody tells you before you have children that you will indeed have to keep feeding them for a undertermined length of time…like a LIFETIME!  As we head into dinner time I get another BLOODY MARY..okay maybe just a shot of MARY!  There are legos covering the living room floor, and I had to change my socks yet again as I just stepped in a puddle of melted snow my the door, and I am feeling just a little cranky!  Hey there MARY fancy running into you here!  By the time 9 o’clock rolls around I am laying on the couch thinking their brains are going to turn into mush from playing video games, but I am too tired to even try to crack the whip…I just pull the blanket up and eventually they start dropping like flies…but not before they said their prayers for another snow day while I am silently begging God and MARY for a safe trip TO school in the morning..AMEN!

EASY Valentine Hang Tag…Wine, Huge Bottle O’Vodka, Water…Anything!

2 Feb

This little hang tag is super cute and super easy.  I just printed out on some scrapbook paper and cut it out!  These could be your key to any heart for Valentine’s Day (notice the vodka in the title…HINT).  Also these would be super cute on some Jones Soda or Root Beer for school parties!  I may just do them for the boys class parties.  Here is the link to download the PDF…

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