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21 Mar

I cannot bear to not talk about this out loud!  Your health is your most important gift in life and WAY TOO MANY people need to start asking questions and taking responsibility!   Any health condition needs to be throughly checked and reviewed!  NOT JUST BY YOUR DOCTOR!!!  People need to take some interest in their own health, research, and ask questions!  I do not mean to go on the internet and give yourself cancer by entering syptoms and all signs lead to cancer!  Doctors are people and with this goes different practices, beliefs, OPINIONS, and decision making!  You are ultimately in charge of you and your health choices!  There is nothing wrong with a second, third, or fourth opinion!  If a doctor is offended by you getting another opionion then he should not be practicing medicine!  Doctors are there to help guide you, give you options, and administer treatments NOT be completely responisible YOUR HEALTH!  If anything today take time to think about how you make your health decisions!


Obama Phones…Talk & Text On Me And You

2 Feb


Recently, while out, I heard two girls talking about how one of them had gotten a second free cell phone from the state.  With this new gift from us, the taxpayers, she now has two phones that she can rotate to keep on talking and texting on our tab.  I should have offered to pay for her lunch while I was there…I am going to get fleeced one way or another. 
Don’t get me wrong.  I believe that when people really need help they should be able to access resources.  But it seems that when people do need help they are somehow not eligible.  This is shameful for those taking advantage of the resources as well as, shameful that we as a country, or even communities have to watch our hard work become a mockery for those who make a profession working the system.   Meanwhile, speaking of cell phones, it is that time in the month where I must pay my bill in order to keep service!  Stepping down from my soap box for now….

Chubby Chasers…Fetish or Feel Good?

17 Jan


I recently watched a show on a very popular network about Chubby Chasers.  I know that people like all different shapes and sizes and being a self proclaimed Chubby Chaser is your choice but I would not find that endearing or sweet.  It just seemed like these people were trying to make their insecurity issues better with this proclamation.  People of all shapes and sizes accept themselves and others for who and what they are but this seemed like insecure people feeding themselves to feel better.  Everyone laughs when they watch the show but is it really healthy for either person or is it really a defined fetish?

Can I Have One? I am one step closer to a padded room!

9 Jan


Recently my girlfriend Kit posted this picture on her FB page with the simple statement…Can I have one?  Obviously the movie industry now realizes that if you want big audiences then you need to put some eye candy for the moms so they can broaden their sales market.  Let’s face it THE ROCK made The Tooth Fairy movie worth watching, and I will secretly admit to watching it again on cable!  The sad thing is that I am so completely out of touch with the real world that I seriously thought that she meant she wanted the high powered firearm!  I desperately need to get a life and possibly broaden cocktail hours if I am commenting on firearms and not the ROCK solid guns coming soon to the next GI Joe film.  In fact, I may have to call for a girls night of cocktails and then movie screening as a reassurance that I still have one foot outside of the padded room!

True Romance…The Sweet Relish Slurp

8 Jan


Recently, at a hockey game I was desperate for food.  You know I was seriously close to starving as I agreed to a hockey rink hot dog…the only hot dogs I consent to eat without feeling faint from hunger are from our local hot dog cart!  My hubby went to get me the lukewarm, mystery meat, belly ache in a bun and I  waited listening to my stomach protest with hunger and outrage at my life choice.  As my hubby returns, all smiles, as he is doing his good husband deed for like the month; I notice the slimy, limey, hint of sweet relish soaking into the day old bun of my gourmet rink dog.  Sweet relish does not belong on anything that I could ever think of!  Especially close to bread where the bread gets soggy, seepy, and weepy.  Seepy and weepy are words used to describe cold sores not something you may be considering ingesting!  About this time , my hubby promptly and literally slurps the relish right off my skinny little dog and hands it to me like nothing just happened.  As sweet and innocent as this gesture of romance was,  I did indeed decline and offered to let him enjoy this opportunity to have my dog as I had suddenly lost my will to eat ever again!  I still look at this as a caring effort just not exactly appetizing!  Thanks to my hubby! 

Going to Squeeze It In….Sideways If I Have To!

21 Oct

 This is true to a point…I would love to write and feed the fam! I have missed writing all of my silly thoughts and wanderings! So I am going to swquish it in somewhere between work, home, kids, hockey, basketball, band, room mom (don’t get me started), and of course SATAN (I meant LAUNDRY)! I have been keeping a list of things to touch on so look for some crazy things coming up as well as some interesting tidbits!

You Just Drive Around All Day….The Ultimate Fighting Words!

11 Jul


You Just Drive Around All Day!!! We have all heard it!  Your husband is at work, comes home, and maybe you ask for help with dinner or bedtime and then the words just come out….YOU JUST DRIVE AROUND ALL DAY!!!   After a day of feeding the kids, driving 45 miles to a hockey camp and then 45 miles back,  then grocery shop…finally you get home to the sink full of dishes from breakfast, the 5 loads of laundry  waiting by washer, putting those groceries away, breaking up several WWF matches, cooking dinner,  and supervising friends running in and out and all over, all while eating all of the groceries you just bought…Those 6 words are like splinters of fire  in your eyes!!!  Granted your hubby was gone all day without KIDS  but the age-old argument of who does what or more is undoubtedly the worst!  The debate never stops and neither side will ever surrender!  So now the emotional fire is raging, claws are out, kids are finally in bed, and your husband is batting his eyelashes  waiting for you to emerge from the bathroom in high heels…Yes, they really think you should be in the mood for love!  NOT!  If they only lived in the real world then maybe they would feel LUCKY a lot more often!

Is That Seriously Stuck To Your Car?

25 Apr

Okay…I am not a huge fan of putting stickers all over my vehicle and I know my husband loves me but I WOULD NOT allow that bumper sticker (see left).  I would be embarrassed to drive his truck!   This sticker is worse than the “SET” that some of you hang from your hitch…you could at least paint them BLUE!    Don’t hold your breath because you will not see either any time soon around here!

Preserving Kids Artwork

18 Apr


My boys are always bringing home art project of all shapes and sizes.  I have been put them in art portfolios that I purchased inexpensively for them to keep their art.  Recently, I have been experiementing with taking photos of some of their drawings and paintings so that I can put those pictures in their scrapbooks and I really like the result.  Many of these projects on construction paper are not going to hold up forever and using  photos allows me to also take a picture of some of the bigger pieces for display in their scrapbooks.  The boys are also thrilled to see some of their works incorporated into their scrapbooks for holidays and seasons!  Happy scrapbooking!

Drink Up…For Heart Health & A Great Cause!!

21 Mar

Winemaker Daryl Groom has been a fixture on the Sonoma County wine scene for 20 years. The Australian native was the longtime winemaker for Geyser Peak and, before that, was chief red winemaker for Penfolds in his home country. He currently has his own brands, Groom Wines and DXG Wines.

But Groom’s newest wine project is intensely personal. To coincide with February’s American Heart Month, he’s launching Colby Red to raise money for heart research. What makes it personal is that his 12-year-old son, Colby, has undergone two open-heart surgeries.

Colby was born with a hole in his heart. Although that resolved itself, doctors later found that he had a deformed aortic valve. When he was 8, doctors at Stanford attempted to repair it, but the procedure wasn’t successful. A few months later, he required another operation, this time to implant a heart valve developed by the St. Jude Medical Foundation. Since then, his father says, young Colby has been “on a mission to raise money for heart research.”

But they decided to do a small project together to raise some money. One thing led to another, and soon Groom was talking to Walgreens about the company becoming a retail partner. Treasury Wine Estates — parent company to Beringer as well as to Groom’s old employer, Penfolds — got involved, to  and 25,000 cases of Colby Red were produced. The wine is being sold in more than 4,500 Walgreens stores, in restaurants and online.

 All profits from the wine, which retails for $12.99, will go to heart research, with the bulk of it going to the heart association.  



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