Obama Phones…Talk & Text On Me And You

2 Feb


Recently, while out, I heard two girls talking about how one of them had gotten a second free cell phone from the state.  With this new gift from us, the taxpayers, she now has two phones that she can rotate to keep on talking and texting on our tab.  I should have offered to pay for her lunch while I was there…I am going to get fleeced one way or another. 
Don’t get me wrong.  I believe that when people really need help they should be able to access resources.  But it seems that when people do need help they are somehow not eligible.  This is shameful for those taking advantage of the resources as well as, shameful that we as a country, or even communities have to watch our hard work become a mockery for those who make a profession working the system.   Meanwhile, speaking of cell phones, it is that time in the month where I must pay my bill in order to keep service!  Stepping down from my soap box for now….


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