Can I Have One? I am one step closer to a padded room!

9 Jan


Recently my girlfriend Kit posted this picture on her FB page with the simple statement…Can I have one?  Obviously the movie industry now realizes that if you want big audiences then you need to put some eye candy for the moms so they can broaden their sales market.  Let’s face it THE ROCK made The Tooth Fairy movie worth watching, and I will secretly admit to watching it again on cable!  The sad thing is that I am so completely out of touch with the real world that I seriously thought that she meant she wanted the high powered firearm!  I desperately need to get a life and possibly broaden cocktail hours if I am commenting on firearms and not the ROCK solid guns coming soon to the next GI Joe film.  In fact, I may have to call for a girls night of cocktails and then movie screening as a reassurance that I still have one foot outside of the padded room!


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