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Chubby Chasers…Fetish or Feel Good?

17 Jan


I recently watched a show on a very popular network about Chubby Chasers.  I know that people like all different shapes and sizes and being a self proclaimed Chubby Chaser is your choice but I would not find that endearing or sweet.  It just seemed like these people were trying to make their insecurity issues better with this proclamation.  People of all shapes and sizes accept themselves and others for who and what they are but this seemed like insecure people feeding themselves to feel better.  Everyone laughs when they watch the show but is it really healthy for either person or is it really a defined fetish?


Can I Have One? I am one step closer to a padded room!

9 Jan


Recently my girlfriend Kit posted this picture on her FB page with the simple statement…Can I have one?  Obviously the movie industry now realizes that if you want big audiences then you need to put some eye candy for the moms so they can broaden their sales market.  Let’s face it THE ROCK made The Tooth Fairy movie worth watching, and I will secretly admit to watching it again on cable!  The sad thing is that I am so completely out of touch with the real world that I seriously thought that she meant she wanted the high powered firearm!  I desperately need to get a life and possibly broaden cocktail hours if I am commenting on firearms and not the ROCK solid guns coming soon to the next GI Joe film.  In fact, I may have to call for a girls night of cocktails and then movie screening as a reassurance that I still have one foot outside of the padded room!

True Romance…The Sweet Relish Slurp

8 Jan


Recently, at a hockey game I was desperate for food.  You know I was seriously close to starving as I agreed to a hockey rink hot dog…the only hot dogs I consent to eat without feeling faint from hunger are from our local hot dog cart!  My hubby went to get me the lukewarm, mystery meat, belly ache in a bun and I  waited listening to my stomach protest with hunger and outrage at my life choice.  As my hubby returns, all smiles, as he is doing his good husband deed for like the month; I notice the slimy, limey, hint of sweet relish soaking into the day old bun of my gourmet rink dog.  Sweet relish does not belong on anything that I could ever think of!  Especially close to bread where the bread gets soggy, seepy, and weepy.  Seepy and weepy are words used to describe cold sores not something you may be considering ingesting!  About this time , my hubby promptly and literally slurps the relish right off my skinny little dog and hands it to me like nothing just happened.  As sweet and innocent as this gesture of romance was,  I did indeed decline and offered to let him enjoy this opportunity to have my dog as I had suddenly lost my will to eat ever again!  I still look at this as a caring effort just not exactly appetizing!  Thanks to my hubby! 

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