You Just Drive Around All Day….The Ultimate Fighting Words!

11 Jul


You Just Drive Around All Day!!! We have all heard it!  Your husband is at work, comes home, and maybe you ask for help with dinner or bedtime and then the words just come out….YOU JUST DRIVE AROUND ALL DAY!!!   After a day of feeding the kids, driving 45 miles to a hockey camp and then 45 miles back,  then grocery shop…finally you get home to the sink full of dishes from breakfast, the 5 loads of laundry  waiting by washer, putting those groceries away, breaking up several WWF matches, cooking dinner,  and supervising friends running in and out and all over, all while eating all of the groceries you just bought…Those 6 words are like splinters of fire  in your eyes!!!  Granted your hubby was gone all day without KIDS  but the age-old argument of who does what or more is undoubtedly the worst!  The debate never stops and neither side will ever surrender!  So now the emotional fire is raging, claws are out, kids are finally in bed, and your husband is batting his eyelashes  waiting for you to emerge from the bathroom in high heels…Yes, they really think you should be in the mood for love!  NOT!  If they only lived in the real world then maybe they would feel LUCKY a lot more often!


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