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Is That Seriously Stuck To Your Car?

25 Apr

Okay…I am not a huge fan of putting stickers all over my vehicle and I know my husband loves me but I WOULD NOT allow that bumper sticker (see left).  I would be embarrassed to drive his truck!   This sticker is worse than the “SET” that some of you hang from your hitch…you could at least paint them BLUE!    Don’t hold your breath because you will not see either any time soon around here!


Preserving Kids Artwork

18 Apr


My boys are always bringing home art project of all shapes and sizes.  I have been put them in art portfolios that I purchased inexpensively for them to keep their art.  Recently, I have been experiementing with taking photos of some of their drawings and paintings so that I can put those pictures in their scrapbooks and I really like the result.  Many of these projects on construction paper are not going to hold up forever and using  photos allows me to also take a picture of some of the bigger pieces for display in their scrapbooks.  The boys are also thrilled to see some of their works incorporated into their scrapbooks for holidays and seasons!  Happy scrapbooking!

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