Snack Day

15 Mar

All I hear these days is….It is your snack day for just about everything.  Last week alone I had to provide 6 dozen cookies, 2 2-Liters of soda, and snacks for 2 classes for movie day!  Maybe I was completely oblivious when I was little but I am just about positive that my parents provided snack for just about NOTHING!   If I am not bringing snacks for the hockey teams, class rooms, or some kind of NEW HOLIDAY then I am buying food at every snack bar we pass on the planet.  My youngest son has been known on many early mornings at the hockey rink to order himself a belly buster serving of SNOT & CHIPS (most of you know this as nachos).  At this point, I literally almost gag at that congealed cheese slowing sliding down day old chips…but the kids inhale them!  Of course they also have eaten plenty of any kind of gross body parts on a bun (also known as the HOT DOG).  Just add ketchup and stuff in mouth!  I have literally spent a small fortune!  A few times for the younger kids I have tried to send something kind of good like Cheese Its…all of a sudden you are like the uncool, alien mom who tried to poison everyone.  And those of you who have tried veggies as a snack…I am even laughing at you!  Maybe I should read Jessica Seinfeld’s cookbook…apparently she is a genius of “slipping” healthy items into almost anything!  She clearly lives on planet BULLSHIT!



One Response to “Snack Day”

  1. Jennifer October 21, 2011 at 4:51 pm #

    I came across your blog while googling images of paint — love it! I just wanted to say that I agree totally with your description of nachos. My 8yo son plays hockey and every ice rink in America must serve the same snot-covered chips!

    Can’t wait to read more.

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