You Had Me Going There…That Is Not What An Iron Is Really For!?

10 Feb

Not a big fan of ironing is an UNDERSTATEMENT!  DO NOT iron is more like it kitty kat!  The dryer is for getting wrinkles out!  Through it in there and presto, chango….I am calling it good!  Also, that place called the dry cleaner does a wonderful at pressing items too…they are like wrinkle magicians!  I do own an iron…BUT I use it for melty beads, wax paper and crayons, more like the creative, craft, assistant.  I actually bought some Egyptian Cotton Sheets…1200 thread count…BIG MISTAKE!  I will not iron them and they are always in a hot wrinkled mess…Don’t laugh, but I have let my 10-year-old son iron them..What?  He thought it was fun!  My neighbor, GOD LOVE HER, irons everything!  Every sheet, pillow case, and sometimes towels…I have assured her that if she is ever bored I will gladly toss some laundry over the fence!  Just washing and drying would be almost a miracle, she would not even have to iron !  For those of you who iron everything inside and out of your home…PLEASE ,PLEASE get a hobby, and ironing is NOT a hobby!  So, now there is no reason to question my families wrinkles…I am doing this for the sake of our planet!  Peace, Love, And An End To Ironing!


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