Forget Counting The Sheep…I Am Going To Just Start Shooting Them!

10 Feb

Bring It On!!!  What is with the not sleeping thing?  I am so tired so early and then about 1 am or so wide awake even though my body is waiting for more sleep.  I for sure have trouble turning off my brain…it’s always groceries, laundry, hockey, school, whatever fumbling around in all of that hot air!  If I try to take something I am like a ZOMBIE for the next 2 days!  What ever happened to the person who could fall asleep forever pretty much anywhere?  And how come guys can just turn the switch and be dead to the world?  And let me assure everyone, especially you gents out there, that a crabby wife with like no sleep in NOT a sexual goddess…EVER!!!  WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?  It is all of these little things that drive us to HEAVY ON THE MARY please..although that still does not remedy the late night owl syndrome!


One Response to “Forget Counting The Sheep…I Am Going To Just Start Shooting Them!”

  1. jamieonline February 10, 2011 at 8:10 pm #

    I sleep so well…. It REALLY annoys my partner!
    I enjoyed your post-poor sheep. Run, sheep, run!

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