The 2011 Blizzard…BLOODY LONG DAY!

3 Feb

Snow days are always an exciting prospect!  Yesterday was no exception!  We started out the day with a huge breakfast of homemade french toast…which by the way uses over a half loaf of bread!  YUMMY!  With full tummies they bundled up and headed outside…by noon I had a slap shot through the garage window, water puddles pretty much everywhere, 4 or 5 pairs of wet socks, at least one change of clothes, and wet, snowy clothes everywhere!  So I gathered the troops for lunch!  The consensus was for grilled cheese…another yummy AND the rest of the loaf of bread with a half-gallon of milk!  By this time my oldest has a friend over running around outside, shooting hockey pucks, making snowballs, and trying to climb on the roof!  The other 2 wanted to play the XBOX which is always fun as all they do is fight over who gets to do what….By this time I am hearing voices in my head directing me to make a BLOODY MARY STAT….HEAVY ON THE MARY!  Snack time…everyone raids the kitchen…cereal, cookies, chips, rest of the gallon of milk, 6 or so juice boxes…FEEDING FRENZY!  All of my food is disappearing fast and I am feeling the hoarding instinct kicking in…there is nothing worse than grocery shopping..STOP EATING QUICK!  I have gone to great lengths to avoid grocery shopping and if it means hiding the food so be it!  Nobody tells you before you have children that you will indeed have to keep feeding them for a undertermined length of time…like a LIFETIME!  As we head into dinner time I get another BLOODY MARY..okay maybe just a shot of MARY!  There are legos covering the living room floor, and I had to change my socks yet again as I just stepped in a puddle of melted snow my the door, and I am feeling just a little cranky!  Hey there MARY fancy running into you here!  By the time 9 o’clock rolls around I am laying on the couch thinking their brains are going to turn into mush from playing video games, but I am too tired to even try to crack the whip…I just pull the blanket up and eventually they start dropping like flies…but not before they said their prayers for another snow day while I am silently begging God and MARY for a safe trip TO school in the morning..AMEN!


One Response to “The 2011 Blizzard…BLOODY LONG DAY!”

  1. Tiffany February 3, 2011 at 5:11 pm #

    Mine were just as crazy yesterday too!
    I stayed in bed for 1/2 the day with a headache & cold/cough. Let’s see where that takes me today! ugh!

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