Gentleman…Give The Gift of Ferret Free Snuggling For Valentine’s Day!

2 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day Honey…Let’s snuggle!  How can I put this lightly?  I DO NOT WANT TO SNUGGLE WITH THAT FERRET GROWING IN YOUR ARMPIT!  Was that gentle enough?  I am sure God had an initial reason for putting it there BUT there is no modern-day use for growing an animal in your armpit gentlemen…after all you can buy Under Armour!  I can survive chest hair and leg hair but underarm hair…and then of course there is the DOWN THERE hair….that is a whole other subject!  Guys…note to self here…not only does this increase your chances to get close to the ladies, just for getting rid you unsightly pit carpet, but your chances of NEVER having body odor again are like nearly 100%!  And ladies you may be laughing now but if you do not already know what a must have this is, I suggest you go add this at number one on his HONEY DO LIST!  And seriously have you ever looked at him at the beach and looked at the fringe of the FERRET peeking out and said to yourself…THAT IS REALLY SEXY!  Take my advice…a little MANSCAPING can go a long way!


One Response to “Gentleman…Give The Gift of Ferret Free Snuggling For Valentine’s Day!”

  1. Tiffany February 3, 2011 at 5:14 pm #

    I LOVE IT!
    Thankful for a very small ferret (ok, maybe a mouse) on my man! ha ha
    I’m sure he’d love me for saying that!
    Ssshhhh, he won’t know!

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