Don’t EVER Short Change Your Esthetician

1 Feb

I truly believe that plucking eyebrows is a crazy form of torture that somehow became couture!  Hence I go and get them waxed…The fastest way to get it done AND I offer huge tips for NOT having to pluck much of anything!  Be warned that if you short change the wax lady you could end up with a hot mess that will leave you hiding under a baseball cap for a LONG TIME SISTER!  I will admit that if I had the magical WAXING POWER and some chick was penny hungry I might just take a little too much…LIKE HALF of an eyebrow too much!  OOOPPPSSS!  Try being couture looking like that…not gonna happen! 

With this, I am on my way today to get mine done.  It has been well, I am not sure how long…there is a jungle up there!  By lunch time today I will have the telltale red arch from a fresh ripping of flesh and eyebrows…Don’t worry I stole all the kids lunch money for her tip!


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