Chip & Dale Go To Chapel

23 Jan

I thought I would share one of my most uncouture mothering moments from this week.  My sons attend a Lutheran private school and Wednesday is the day they attend Chapel.  Lately my youngest son, who is in kindergarten has been absolutely nuts about going to school and wants me to stay with him all day…so I have been dropping them off at the door that is that…So Wednesday morning rolls around and thinking that I am just dropping them off and put on a baseball hat and just left my jammies on with my coat and ran out the door. Upon arriving at school, my older 2 hurry to class but my little guy will NOT get out of the car and is literally trying to climb in the trunk because I will not walk him inside.  Getting desperate I decide to walk him inside…HOW DUMB I AM?  Needless to say, by this time everyone is already getting seated in Chapel, so I have to walk him down and he is sobbing that he loves me so much and wants to be with me!  BLAH BLAH!!  Everyone is starting to notice my sobbing child with some crazy looking lady with CHIP & DALE pajama pants, black coat with the hockey team logo, and best of all a HARLEY DAVIDSON baseball hat!  Really..this happened..just this week!  Wanting to just crawl under the pews, I try to calmly sit in the back with my son, and try not to kill him!  Here I am.. stuck…and not about to remove my hat as my hair is balled up and I have no make up on…better to hide under the brim with shame!  I sit for the entire chapel service, and believe it or not, enjoy the service BUT all the while I am thinking about how to escape without actually getting too close to anyone that they would realize that I am indeed in CHURCH with CHIP AND DALE running all over my fleece jammie pants!  I bet all of the Housewives of Wherever have this happen all of the time!!!  True COUTURE!

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