Sorry Bobby Flay…

20 Jan

So, my besty got some new dishes from Bobby Flay and was very excited and I had to tell her that I had no clue who that was!  Evidently, I am totally uncouture in the matters of housewares these days!    So I was bumming around looking at domestic items which leads to all over the place….  I thought I was totally chic with my Weber gas grill…Apparently the new trend is a fancy propane grill with bronze burners…  These things are amazing!  But I am going to need to rob a bank so I can grill the chic way these days.  I also discovered some fun blue polka dot dinnerware.  Totally cute for summer fun soon to come!

I was also looking at all of the glassware and stemware.  So many fun choices!  I have been getting tired of the same old things.  I found some really neat #5 rubber stopper wine bottle ornaments.  Always looking for wine stoppers for home and for gifts!  They even have wine stoppers to support the cure.  Pretty cool gift!


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