You Will Get 6 Estimates…BUT Not A Second Opinion!

13 Jan

I am on a roll today…so watch out!  Why is it that people will get 6 estimates for something around their house BUT do not get a second opinion for their health?  It truly scares me and truthfully makes me angry that people are willing to be so passive with their lives.  I believe that you should comfortable with you physician and having a MUTUAL working relationship with regard YOUR health…Did you hear the MUTUAL part?!  No one is perfect…and trust me that means no one!  People need to be more responsible for themselves and their health treatment decisions.  If you are still wondering after the second opinion, seek a third!  I am not saying that any of them are right or wrong OR that you should not respect your physician BUT they too should respect you and your decision making process.  If a doctor tries to discourage a second opinion EVER this is a major red flag!  Even if you get the second opinion but stay with the first physician this is OKAY to do and should not be shunned!  We are talking about life, health, and longevity not a new toilet in the powder room.  Step up and advocate for yourself, the responsible party.  Stepping down off of the soap box now!


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