My Best Friend Needs An Intervention

13 Jan

A couple of nights ago my best friend since the 8th grade posted a cry for help on Facebook…Her post repeated a conversation she had with her husband in which he asked her why she is coloring in a coloring book while sipping on a juice box…And her frank response was that she believes she is turning into a toddler.    As the totally devoted mother of three-year-old twin boys I believe that Nana has been influenced by her environment and may need an intervention and may possibly need to submit to the 12 step program back to sane adulthood (which could take the next 15 years or so).  Another friend recently observed Nana filling adult drinks only half full,   to avoid spilling on the carpet. We are here to help Nana and we will guide you safely back to us…We will do this in baby steps!  We will have to start by confiscating contraband….your Thomas the Train pajamas, the extra “rag” under your pillow, the Dora sippy cup, and your bathtub crayons…We are doing this because we love you! If Bert and Ernie are your true friends they will understand!


One Response to “My Best Friend Needs An Intervention”

  1. Allison January 13, 2011 at 7:02 pm #

    Oh my God! Your outing me on ur blog, lol! It must be that the winter is getting to me. We are just not out and about like we are in the summer. Preschool is helpful, but that 2 hr. stint 2 times a week feels like 15 minutes in reality. Nice break, just not long enough for these dreary winter days. If only u were closer, we could at least have coffee (or tea 4 u) and talk about adult stuff! A girl needs that once in a while. Well, a girl with toddler boys anyway. Although it’s rough at times, I am enjoying my precious boys and can’t imagine them getting a minute older. Ahhh… the life of a mother!

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