Every Penny Goes Into Their Mouth!

12 Jan

If I am not buying food, (which by the way, NOBODY told me you had to keep feeding them), then I am giving money to the orthodontist!  Don’t get me wrong, he is a great guy and knows his stuff…and the boys love going there with the snack bar, video games, ipod drawings, and cool tee shirts BUT who knew that all 3 of them would become patients.  Dr. H even gives out movie passes for teeth cleanings and if you refer someone you get movie passes for the whole family.   At $8,000 per child for “the works”  my friends thought I was making this up until they all went for their consultations!  One of my friends swore it was only a couple of thousand…HELLO the 1980s called to give you a price for orthodontics.  On one of our visits I offered to buy Dr. H a small car in exchange for the boys straight teeth…after all I am spending at least $24,000 for those little nuggets of mine!  He politely laughed…I still am wondering why?   Of course it is all worth it in the end…especially for 3 avid hockey players!


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