Book Buyers…Get Some $$$ Back & Simplify

10 Jan

So, as most people I know, I am trying to get rid of things and simplify.  I have lots of different books around and usually I donate them to the library or Goodwill BUT this time I tried something new and got some money back!  I went to  It is really simple…type in the ISBN number and they will tell you if they will buy it from you and for how much.  Then you go to their checkout page and they give you the printable FREE bulk shipping page to attach to your package, put the books they want to buy in a box and drop it off at the post office!  You can get a paper check or they will transfer right to your paypal account.  This could also be a fundraising idea!  I do love to read but then I cannot keep all of those books…as I am trying to SIMPLIFY! 


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