No Honey, Those Are NOT Rockets!

6 Jan

As the mom of three active boys my life is never full of dull and boring!  Recently my little guy was in the bathroom like way too long.  Those of us with boys know that this is always bad!  They are not sitting there reading Family Circle…they are getting into make up, hair products, making toliet paper mummies, drawing with daddy’s shaving cream, or best of all flushing multiple items down the toilet or better yet playing in the toilet water.  After several attempts to get him to open the door (the bathroom is the only door with a lock), I finally got the skeleton key and opened the door to find him loading his pockets with “mommy’s rockets to take for show and tell.”  How is it that I explain to my five-year-old that those are indeed tampons, not rockets and NOT the best idea for show and tell?  He proceeded to show me how they shoot out and low and behold we have enough to give each one of his classmates to try.  Thus, begins the explanation of how these are just for moms blah, blah, blah!  Apparently, this had little to no effect, as when I picked him up from school that afternoon his teacher, God love her, at his Christian school, discretely handed me two opened and “popped” rockets!  He had gone back in the bathroom a grabbed a couple for good measure to show his friends during play time.  I will give him points for creativity but the embarrassment far outweighs those points.  I did however, write this in his scrapbook; another memory that will entertain for years to come and on show and tell days I do a total pocket search just to make sure he is on the up and up!


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