Hops…A True Beer Garden

6 Jan

Humulus, commonly known as Hops is an excellent plant for covering fences, arbors, or low buildings.  This sturdy, climbing, perennial is covered with soft yellow leaves and will tolerate full sun to part shade.  I have hops in my garden that I have growing up an old ladder and it is quite a sight!  It quickly covers the ladder and eventually, in September gets the actually hops fruit that is used in the brewery.  I have not seen this used in many gardens, so if you are looking for a unique covering vine this is it!   This can also be grown up wires suspended from above just like they do in the growing fields for breweries, reaching easily 15-20 feet.  I also have this in one of my large pots growing up a large metal trellis.  A very unique addition for height to a large pot!



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