They All Want a Dirty Girl

2 Jan

Forget all of the nicey ways that people put it…Men and women could not be any more different.  With my 3 boys running around playing WWF while I feed them dinner, help them do their homework, and get them ready for hockey practice he thinks he should come home to a VERY DIRTY June Cleaver in thigh highs on a nightly basis. Yeah…he is gonna get a CLEAVER alright!   Stop laughing…cause he is serious!  Meanwhile, I think I am really having a productive day seeing  that I have showered, gotten dressed and ready, completed some of the household chores, went grocery shopping (for food that will be gone tomorrow),  ran some errands, and have the kids duct taped together in the car so that we can make it to hockey practice on time and (for their sake) in one piece.  The only thought even close to  thigh highs all day occurred when I was stuffing my face with stolen Halloween candy praying that my this does not all go right to my thighs!    Some days, especially if one of the kids are sick or for those of you just starting a family, you are lucky if you are even showered by the end of the day and by that time who cares…time to go to bed and start again tomorrow.   Just the fact that I have children has ended my Victoria’s Secret budget…So I may just have to cut off my hubby’s Mocha Latte budget for a couple of weeks in order to afford the new wardrobe…but then neither of may survive that drastic of a measure!


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