I am ending my love affair…or least trying too!

2 Jan

I have been having a love affair.  It is going to break my heart to break away from him but I must stop…stop using him…  I must say goodbye to my love, my paper towels!  Yes, I am guilty!  I use HIM for everything all of the time and it is so unbelievably wasteful.  He is so easy to use and just throw away but it has got to stop!  Every roll is like 1 or 2 trees!  I am not an extreme tree hugger but I can easily use 2+ rolls of paper towel a week. 

This is going to be EXTREMELY difficult for me!  I do not like using all sorts of rags, rinsing them out, touching whatever nasty I just cleaned up, and then washing them!  I can only hope that I can guilt myself into staying away from HIM!  It is like giving up for Lent, but like forever…  Good bye my love…you are truly magical!


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