Schlep This!!!

1 Jan

Laundry Fairy…Man Slave…Child Labor…

Laundry…Almost a four letter word these days in my opinion!  Wash, dry, $#*&, and repeat…And I did not include putting it away!  Some of you know already, but I need to let everyone else know that WHITE SOCKS ARE SATAN!  There is no keeping them white, hole free, or matched.  There are always mystery socks with no mates and I don’t eat socks, so were the H&%L do they go because nobody else in my house is touching the laundry!  I have been known to take a basket of socks with no mates, throw them in the dumpster, and start all over!  It is sooo liberating.   I love it when my husband complains that this ONE shirt isn’t clean blah blah…well you can get started any time honey cakes!  Just jump on the raft, and float through the river o’laundry over to the washer.  I honestly thought that a nice, fancy, huge frontloader would help with this insane amount of laundry BUT I was wrong…you can just wash more at a time….therefore you have more to SCHLEP up and try to fold and put away!  Also, along with the fancy frontloader you must buy fancy HE soap.  I think that was an evil plan masterminded by the soap companies to charge like double for the same soap less the suds, which by the way seems like the laundry isn’t getting clean, as there are no suds!  There is also the fact that I am mildly obsessed with the fabric softener smell.  I use liquid and sheets…I cannot help myself!  If I am going to be forced, at gunpoint, almost anyway, to do this chore it needs to at least give ME something back!   Unfortunately, smelling APRIL fresh is about all that stack of H*LL can give me, so I spend more money buying liquid and sheets.  Wasteful I know, but it is the only reward of actually using the washer and dryer.    Now that I got that off of my chest I need to go switch my loads over and match some socks…OR maybe NOT…it’s not going anywhere!


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