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Paper Fortune Cookies

31 Jan

So, I made these little paper fortune cookies to give away for Valentine’s Day…I have had a couple of people ask to buy a set of 12 with different themed fortunes in them.  I have made a set for lunches with I Love You etc…and another set for Valentine’s Day.  They are cute, easy and fun plus I love the idea that you can put them in lunches for a hug from home!



Mom…I Gotta Have It!!

31 Jan

It is always something…Now it is one of these aqua titanium necklaces touted to make everything about you better!  More energy, more speed, more balance!!!  And by God it better bring it for a mere $30 per necklace for a child size!  And I thought my husband was going to have a liter of kittens over the Zigtechs!  Not to mention that last week we went through 5 gallons of milk…My son better hope this necklace cures world hunger at this rate!


Valentine’s Day…Since When Did I Become Practical?

31 Jan

Gone are the days of spending $500 at Victoria Secret for this holiday!  Now we are lucky if we even sleep alone in the bed!  This Valentine’s Day I want a totally practical gift…I want my car detailed.  Yep, I pretty much live in there so I want it disinfected!  I want someone besides me to put on the HAZMAT suit and go to town!  They can each lunch on me…there are plenty of fries and skittles floating around!  We have had the same car detailing professional for about 15 years and he is the BEST (Love u Spence)!  Sorry V.S. I will keep wearing last years’ panties as long as I get to sit in a sparkling clean car!

Starbucks Discount

29 Jan

Bring in your own mug and they will give you 10cents off.  Not a huge deal, but for those of you who go once or MORE per day it could help…AT LEAST A LITTLE.

Old Timers Disease…

28 Jan

My son got in the car after school the other day and was telling me about one of his classmate’s grandfather who had “old timers” disease.  He was telling me that he felt bad that he could not remember people’s names and other family facts.  It was so cute and he was being very passionate about the subject.  Obviously he really meant Alzheimer’s disease…I went on to explain how tragic this disease can be and he went on to tell me that he hopes I never get that…Love him bunches and our hearts go out to all who have been affected by this disease.  Also a reminder to live and love life every day…the future is so unknown!

I Still Like Last Years’ Color of the Year!

27 Jan

Even though the new color of the year has been announced, I really like the 2010 color of the year, turquoise.  This color is still going to be popular in trends.  Trend forecasting has it as a very popular accent color in home and garden aspects for this upcoming year! 

Lesson of The Week…

27 Jan

It never fails in my house…the boys always want to talk, ask a question, or need something when they are stinking up the OVAL OFFICE.  So this week I have been stressing the importance of the COURTESY FLUSH…especially with my little guy.  He finds an absolute life event every time and must have me in there to  just keep him company because he evidently gets “lonely.”  We have worked on this all week and hopefully have made an SERIOUS impression that I do not need to smell their stinky stink!  Now back to trying to get them all to keep it in the bowl…Does that ever happen?


27 Jan



Valentine Hockey Ornament…Something Fun to Send.

26 Jan

So, I put this little Valentine ornament together to send to family…It was easy and you could make a few and string them together like garland.  I just used scrapbook paper and printed the pics off of a word document after I inserted them and resized them so they were all in a row like a picture strip…little piece of ribbon and stapled the heart shape! 

The JUICING KING Goes To Heaven…I Think?

26 Jan

American fitness guru Jack LaLanne died of respiratory failure from pneumonia Sunday in his home in Morro Bay, California at the age of 96.

LaLanne opened what was believed to be the nation’s first health club in Oakland in 1936. In the 1950s, the exercise and nutrition expert began a fitness TV program called The Jack LaLanne Show.

I gotta tell ya’ here that his MAGICAL juice maker has had more than a couple people stroke out just trying to clean the damn thing after use.  I have a friend (you know who you are…CMH) who has wished him to HELL and back trying to get her juicer clean and has probably ended up kicking it to the dump! 

I am sure this golden oldie is in heaven smiling from ear to ear as we scrub, &*^#, and rinse out those juicers!  Here is to you Jack…96 long years of health and WEALTH!

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