Suck It…The Christmas Gift From My Mother-In-Law

30 Dec

So my mother-in-law got me a truly delightful gift, as the mother of three PIGS, I mean sons…She got me this Hoover Linx  rechargeable vacuum and I gotta tell you this thing does a great job SUCKING IT UP!  And now my OCD thing with vacuuming more than once a day is so much easier as this thing is light and easy to use!  One of the best things out of this is that I can put my big canister vacuum away for the most part.  I am constantly frustrated as I get partly done and don’t even get the damn thing put away before I feel the OCD need to start all over!  Thank God for those little thoughtful gifts that happen every so often!!!  Thanks Grandma Sharon…there is a shimmer of very dim LCD light at the end of my tunnel.

One Response to “Suck It…The Christmas Gift From My Mother-In-Law”

  1. Ann January 1, 2011 at 7:54 pm #

    LOVE IT! I got the same one and it is great on my wood floors.

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